Universal Fulfillment

Our Works Process

What to expect when working with Universal Fulfillment

When it comes to works process, our goal is to make your order fulfillment and processing easy. Here is what you can expect when working with Universal Fulfillment.

Ship us your inventory

Have your product already? Ship it over to us - boxes, pallets, or container loads, we are ready! We will quality control the inventory upon its arrival. From there we will place your products into appropriate storage and update your inventory lists. Our goal is to make sure your items are ready for a quick turnaround when ordered!

Your online orders will start to flow into our system

No matter what channels, carts or ordering system you use, we will integrate our software to ensure speedy processing. Once your orders are received, we pull the ordered items, and verify the address and products for you in our shipping software. Our goal is to get your orders shipped and delivered for you as fast as possible.

We will discuss the best packaging options with you in advance

Some of our clients like fully branded, custom printed packaging. While others, prefer or require private, discreet blank packaging. Regardless of the requirement, we will make sure you are presented exactly how you want your brand to look in the marketplace. We can help you with the design if needed and sourcing the packaging for your business.

We will pull your orders, start to pick the items, and assemble your packaging

We know that some projects require a little extra, special touch. We love the complex; detailed packing projects and we invite them. If it is a one item pick, pack and ship, or a multi-product, complex kitting project - don't worry, send it over and we will get it done! We have packed medical testing kits, new client welcome boxes and marketing campaign projects with things from urine tests to iPads! Don’t hesitate to ask us for ideas on what you can include in your shipment to make it stand out! Our team will get it done right for you every time!

Make sure your customers know how to get back in touch and how to share your brand

One of the biggest missed opportunities we see with our new clients when we start is stuffing their shipments with marketing materials. It can be a discount on next order, a refer a friend request, or a simple “Thank You For Your Order” note. But, you should always include something in the box or bag to let them know you care. This also give you a place to include your contact information, so they know how to reach back and get in touch. Oh, and did we mention, we can help you design and print any of these inserts? Don’t forget - packing slips, marketing materials and promotional inserts, they matter!

Shipping options are always available

Before anything ships, we will discuss the best methods available to deliver quickly and within your budget. We use FedEx, UPSP, UPS and DHL. Have something larger? Pallets? We can manage all your LTL and Container load shipping needs as well. Our goal is to find you the best solution for your shipping needs. That includes lowest costs, fastest deliveries with only the most reputable carriers.

Your order has shipped, now lets tell your customer!

Staying in touch with your customers is the key to growing your business. Let them know you are thankful, that you care, and don’t make them ask where their shipment is! Our systems are set up to notify you and your customers once your orders are shipped. This can also be done via a custom branded shipping email.

Fire away!

We are happy to answer your questions by email or phone.   Let us know what you’d prefer and how best to reach you.