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Affordable Warehouse Storage Solution

At Universal Fulfillment, Warehouse Storage is part of our service to receive all of the stock and inventory it for you. You can send it to us by the box, the case, pallet, or container load. Our warehouse has full capabilities to unstuff containers and unpack your pallets as needed.

Our experts will discuss all the steps and process of how we can onboard your company and help you to manage your inventory.

Maintain (and Improve) Your Profits

Managing your own inventory, warehousing and storage all add unnecessary jobs and tasks for you and your staff. Universal Fulfillment can handle your warehouse inventory, distribution, shipping, and storage. You may be spending too much money on warehouse labor for no reason. Let us provide the warehouse services that you need. As an eCommerce warehouse, we are ready to scale with you, and help you launch new businesses lines or products.
Focus on expanding your business, and let us manage the back-end inventory and shipping logistics for your business.


Warehouse Storage

Only Pay for What You Use

Starting something new? Not sure how much warehouse space you need? Concerned you might outgrow a space quickly? We have got you covered. With no real minimum order sizes, and with huge warehouse storage, we are here and ready to help. Don’t worry about space and storage, we will get the details figured out with your team, and you’ll love our simple storage pricing.

Manage Inventory in Universal Warehouse Storage

Just as we offer container loading and unloading, we also help to manage your inventory. From one SKU to hundreds, we have the tools to help you know how much of each item you have at any given time. If inventory visibility has been problematic for you in the past, don’t worry, we will help you get past that issue quickly and easily.

Understanding your inventory, will help you cut costs and limit overspending. You can learn which SKUs are in greater demand and reduce over-ordering.
Warehouse Storage
Fire away!

We are happy to answer your questions by email or phone.   Let us know what you’d prefer and how best to reach you.

Explore the Benefits of Warehouse &
Storage Services
Take Advantage of Logistics Management Solutions

Our logistics experts can help you to make sense of container loading, and shipping to every corner of the world.

Growth is Easier to Manage

Many fulfillment companies are not equipped to accommodate growth. We have the flexibility to help you grow month after month, year after year thanks to our massive packaging warehouse.

Get Help with Managing Your Inventory

With our professional case picking in warehouses, we can help you manage your inventory so you never run out. We can help set up alerts when your inventory runs low.

Avoid Filling Your Space with Boxes

Imagine what you could do with some of your commercial space if the boxes were suddenly stored at our packaging warehouse. You can avoid maintaining storage space and turn it into something more exciting, like retail space.