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E-Commerce Business Name – A Guide to Picking a Great Name

Picking a Great Ecommerce Business Name may seem like a simple task, but it isn’t always easy. The name should be unique, instantly recognizable and leave a positive, lasting impression about the brand.

Ecommerce Business Name

What Makes A Great Ecommerce Business Name?

Coming up with a good business name is an art, not a science. It is a creative process, and you need to spend a lot of time brainstorming and researching to find the right one.

Here are some tips to help ensure you are picking a stellar name for your business –

  • Keep it simple and straightforward
  • Convey meaning with your name
  • Choose an available name
  • Pick a future-proof business name

What Are Some Popular Styles of Business Names?

There are some common styles of business names. While some highlight the purpose or the core function of a business, others are a little more cryptic. Most business owners build their names using inspiration from the kind of products they sell or the kind of company they want to run. Typically, generic names do not have any impact on customers, and getting ownership of the name can be difficult if it isn’t distinct enough.

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Here are some popular styles of business names to help inspire you

Descriptive Names

Descriptive names are that describe the purpose of the company. These names are obvious and easy for customers to understand but they do not typically stand out.

Founder Names

Many eCommerce businesses use the name of their founder. It is an excellent choice for those looking to create a strong personal brand. However, founder names won't tell your customers much about your business unless they already know who you are.

Creative Names

If you want to do something unique with your eCommerce business, think beyond descriptive or founder names. Come up with an original name based on any existing word or sound that you may like. Make sure that it is catchy and memorable.


Many businesses use abbreviations of their primary title if the name they are considering is too long. Abbreviated names are sometimes easier for consumers to remember, but they can be confusing at first. In addition, these don’t always provide a meaningful, emotional impact on potential customers.

Steps to Come Up with a Unique eCommerce Business Name

Finding the perfect eCommerce business name requires research, brainstorming, testing, and feedback. Here are some useful tips you can use to generate a great name for your eCommerce business –

Step 1: Create a Naming Guideline

Think about what you are looking to accomplish with your business name. If you do not have a guideline to follow, you may lose focus. Ask yourself some of these questions –

  • What message do I want to convey with the name?
  • How easy is it to remember?
  • What emotional impact should my name have on my potential customers?
  • What words and sounds should I avoid?

Step 2: Launch Brainstorming Session

With a guideline in place, explore your options. Think about the products and services you will offer and the ideas you want to portray. Pick a list of keywords that resonate with your brand and strike a chord with your audience. Look at your competitors' names and figure out what you like and dislike about their names.

Step 3: Step Back for a While

Now that you have created a list of names, take some time out. When you are too focused on finding a name, you will find yourself struggling. So, take a step back and get into the mindset of a consumer. When you get back to the list, consider the names that stuck in your mind and any new ideas you may have had.

Step 4: Conduct an Availability Check

Once you have shortlisted a few names, check the availability of the potential names. Run the name through a search engine and check for eCommerce businesses with similar names. You can also run a domain search to know if the domain name is available. Ideally, you’d want to pick a domain that ends with “.com”, as it shows you are invested in your company. You can also check to see if the name, or some variation of it, is available across social media platforms.

Step 5: Get Feedback

At this point, you can put the available names to the test. Create a sample group and ask them to assess your names. You may also give them a list of the names you like and ask them to vote on the best one. Spending time testing your name is important as it helps reduce the risk of making mistakes. You want to get an idea of how other people will react to the name. There are many companies that end up picking a name only to realize that it's not right for them later.

Step 6: Register Your Name

Finally, it's time to take the plunge and register the name that sticks out. Registering your name is critical as it ensures no other businesses can take your title and build a brand around it in the same industry. It gives your business protection when it continues to evolve and grow.


Finding an impactful business name takes time and effort. Look into the future and pick a name that will evolve with your business for many years to come.

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