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What to Look for in an Order Fulfillment Company

Not sure, what to look for in a fulfillment company? Here are some key factors to consider.


What to Look for in an Order Fulfillment Company

At Universal Fulfillment, we assist businesses with their B2C fulfillment by processing their online orders. We provide picking, packing, shipping and warehousing services. We manage and store all inventory and receive all incoming shipments, including any return orders they might get.

When running an ecommerce business, many overlook the importance of the role their warehousing and fulfillment company plays. However, the conditions in which products are stored, packaged, and shipped to customers can significantly affect how your digital brand is perceived. If orders arrive damaged, or don’t arrive at all, you could end up having to give discounts or refunds on top of losing future sales. At Universal Fulfillment,we focus on providing top-notch order fulfillment services. We manage the workload, and we help our customers make profits.

Why are we the ideal fulfillment company for any business?

Every business has different fulfillment needs, and the ideal fulfillment provider is ready to adapt. As a B2B fulfillment provider, our very first step is gaining an understanding of how your business works and determining exactly what you will need from us as your fulfillment partner.We work with our clients to satisfy their customers and to expand and scale their companies. If you’ve been trying to figure out how to grow your business, you may need some help.We are a one-stop-shop for startups that can help take the stress off you and your team.

Below are some basic questions you might want to ask yourself when searching for the perfect fulfillment partner.

Where is the warehouse located?

Shipping costs and speeds are heavily impacted by the location of the shipping warehouse. You should look for a fulfillment partner whose warehouses are strategically situated near major ports and are not too far from your target market, like us.Our warehouse and fulfillment center is located in Boca Raton, Florida, which gives us that advantage.

Can they support my product?

You can buy and sell just about anything online. From furniture to perishable items, to batteries, and other hazardous goods, different products will all have different storage, packaging, and handling requirements. At Universal Fulfillment, we are equipped to store and manage any kind of product. We have the staff and the warehouse space to unpack your pallets and unstuff containers. We can also provide custom packaging constructed to be just the right size for your products. As a comprehensive fulfillment house, designing and expertly packaging boxes is part of what we do.

Are there any capacity restrictions?

In a dynamic industry like ecommerce, you have to be flexible to grow, and your fulfillment provider needs to be able  to keep up. There are peak seasons and discount periods when customer demand increases and other times when it drops. As your fulfillment partner, we can handle spikes in sales smoothly.  

How to contact us

If you think our services are the perfect fit for your business, please reach out to our customer service staff via phone or email to get started.

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We are happy to answer your questions by email or phone.   Let us know what you’d prefer and how best to reach you.