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Perfecting the Unboxing Experience using Customized Packaging

Open YouTube and search for “unboxing videos.” You will find millions of videos of people unpackaging boxes of products. There is an unboxing video for just about anything you can think of. Ecommerce businesses can take advantage of the unboxing trend to boost their brand awareness and increase sales.

If you’re not sure how to create a great unpacking experience for your brand, you are in the right place.

What Are Unboxing Videos?

Do people really record themselves opening a package? Do people watch them? Well, the answer is yes.

Unpacking videos are videos of people removing a product from the packaging it was sold in and giving their reactions to it. While plenty of these videos are user-generated, a lot of the time eCommerce businesses sponsor them by offering free products. People make unboxing videos for all kinds of products – from beauty products to toys to technology and clothes. People often watch these videos when they are deciding which brand to purchase from.

Why is Product Packaging Important?

The quality of your product is paramount. However, the real star of the unboxing video is often the packaging itself. Low-quality packaging can bring down the perceived value of your product. When your product is featured in an unboxing video that could be seen by tens of thousands of people, your branding is the focal point.

Effective packaging creates a memorable unboxing experience, makes your customers go ‘wow,’ and provides your product with an inherent value. You already have an eye-catching color palette, a perfect logo, and clever catchphrases, it only makes sense to use the same branding for your packaging.

Putting your product inside innovative, branded packaging is the key to getting the most out of the unpacking video hypetrain. Unique and well-thought-out packaging gets you noticed, helps tell your story, and grabs people’s attention.

How to Perfect the Unboxing Experience:

ECommerce businesses can benefit from a positive unboxing video.
There are several ways to make your packaging stand out. Here are some tips–

Engage All Senses

Use textures to add some glam to your packaging and make it more playful. Ensure that the contents of your box are arranged intentionally and not just tossed around inside.

Personalize the Packaging

Everyone wants to feel appreciated. Add a personal touch to your package, such as using your customer’s name on a letter inside.

Use Creative Branded Packaging

Make your packaging unique so the unboxing sticksin your customer’s minds. Have your logo printed on the packaging or use stickers to reinforce your brand identity.

Make it Easy to Open

Make your packaging easy to open. No one wants to watch a video of someone struggling to open your packaging. While your product still needs protection, ensure that the packaging is convenient and sensible.

Time to Shine!

Unboxing videos are an excellent marketing tactic to generate buzz around your brand. Put the emphasis on your packaging and get the details right to get people excited to share their unboxing experiences with the world.

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