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Tips And Strategies to Upgrade Your Ecommerce Business

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The eCommerce market is continuing its rapid expansion. It’s more important than ever to Upgrade Your eCommerce Business to stand out in the competition.

Tactics To Upgrade Your eCommerce Business

Whether you are selling individual products or custom subscription boxes, there are some universal tips and strategies that can help make your ecommerce store more profitable.

5 Ways to Upgrade Your eCommerce Business

Remove Products That Sell Slowly

Some of your products are going to sell faster than others. If you have slow-moving products in your inventory, one option is to put them on sale. Another option would be to kit them together with another, faster moving product and sell them together as a bundle. One benefit of kitting and subscription box fulfillment is that you can pair more popular items with less popular ones in a box or “kit” and move more inventory.


Cross-selling can be a great way for an ecommerce business to increase revenue and sell more products. Cross-selling is when you recommend items that are related to the ones your customer is already purchasing. Recommending items your customers might be interested in can help you make more out of your existing customer base. This technique can be used before, during, or even after checkout.

Customer Support

Customer service is the key to building an honest and reliable image as an online store. Live chat is a great way to do this. Having a live chat option on your website makes it convenient for customers to reach your support staff. It allows them to talk to someone on your team in real-time without having to call. You should also provide a phone number on your website so that customers can talk directly to customer support and resolve any issues during business hours. As an online store, it is important for your customers to be able to reach someone with any questions or concerns they might have.

“Thank you” Cards

Sending out a “thank you” card or a small complimentary gift with each of your orders is another way to build stronger relationships with your customers. These small tokens of appreciation add a personal touch to each order.

Free Shipping

Offering a free shipping option is one of the strategies that many ecommerce businesses use to increase their sales. You can run promotions for free shipping during a certain day or timeframe. Another tactic is to require a certain order value they must reach in their cart to unlock free shipping. Often, consumers would rather spend more on products than pay for shipping. Continuously strategizing and implementing small changes to your online store can help increase sales and profits over time.

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