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Everything You Need to Know About Dropshipping Services


Get Ideal Solutions from Dropshipping Services

If you’re an online retailer, dropshipping services can be the perfect solution for your business.

Consumer preferences are constantly changing and evolving, and an increasing number of people are opting to conduct business online. Dropshipping is most frequently used by eCommerce businesses that do not keep any of their physical merchandise in stock. Universal Fulfillment specializes in b2b fulfillment.

We assist businesses in getting their products out to their end customers without ever touching them. Our spacious warehouse and proximity to the Fort Lauderdale and Miami Air and Sea Ports put us in the prime location for shipping.

The role of drop shipping in b2b fulfillment

What we can offer as your fulfillment partner:

  • Saving you money
  • Stream lining your process
  • Large warehouse facilities
  • Location
  • Branded packaging and more



Dropshipping Services for B2C

As a b2b fulfillment service, we specialize in assisting companies with their b2c fulfillment. We make sure that your consumers are happy by delivering the products on time and perfectly packaged. To satisfy the demands of our diversified clientele, we provide a comprehensive variety of services:

Warehousing and storage facilities

Our warehouse and storage facilities are massive, so you will never run out of space here. We take care of your inventory and send you inventory alerts to make sure that they never go out of stock.

Order fulfillment

Universal Fulfillment has the expertise to manage your orders from the time an order is placed until it arrives at your customer's door. Our order fulfillment services have always operated in line with the needs of our customers and yours. We will always work with you to resolve any questions or concerns from your customers.

Custom packaging

We are a fulfillment business that specializes in expertly crafting your boxes and packing materials so that the end consumer enjoys a unique unboxing experience when their order arrives. Allow us to create a custom, branded package for your company so that you stand out from the endless sea of boxes arriving at their door. Our specialists will consult with you on the design and, once you are happy with it, will begin custom packing your items.

Pick and pack process

When you work with us, your happiness and the satisfaction of your customers are our first concerns. We pick and pack your products efficiently to get them out the door on time for delivery to your customers. Allow us to take care of your inventory and help your business fly to new heights.

Subscription box fulfillment

At Universal Fulfillment, we are devoted to making your customers happy by offering the best subscription boxes. Our clients come from various backgrounds, and we know how to include the right items in your subscription boxes to make them interesting and memorable for your customers.

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As your logistics partner, we can help make your business grow. Our customer service staff will work to help you brainstorm and provide you with a quote to fit any budget. You can reach us by phone or by email. Let us be a partner in your success.

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